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Better meetings: Decisions™ saves time with the planning and management of meetings. Decisions provides access to the meeting agenda and documents from your calendar, on any device and with the security of Microsoft Office 365. It is easy to run quality meetings with Decisions.


Better decisions: Decisions™ helps leaders run a better team decision-making process. The meeting overview structures the discussion and engages all participants, so that the best decisions are made.


Effective execution: The Decisions™ dashboard gives an instant overview on the progress of action items and decisions made in the different management teams and groups, providing transparency and focus.

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Decisions is a tool for leaders. Decisions saves time and effort in planning and management of meetings.

Better team meetings produce better decisions. Better decisions improve business performance.

Integrated in Outlook, Decisions sets up the meeting agenda with links to all relevant documents in minutes. All team members are instantly updated and can add issues and documents.

Dood decisions


Decisions promotes good decisions - in management teams, business teams and project teams.

With Decisions™ the leader can focus on the business and leading the team, and get the most out of the smart and competent team members.

Decisions improves the decision making process through better meeting preparations and meeting execution.


Decisions™ provides an overview of the company’s decisions and action items.

Build a culture of transparency - track and follow implementation throughout the organization.

Use Decisions™ and never lose track of your meeting action items.

Successful executions


Security Strong security based on Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Office 365. Limit access to sensitive material with your organization's existing security policies. Multi factor authentication and single sign-on supported for both internal and external users. One Archive With Decisions all your meeting materials will be stored in a private repository. The repository will keep the complete history, and it supports advanced search capabilities including free text searches in documents.

The repository will contain an intuitive folder structure that can be synced offline to a local folder on your PC or tablet.
A user friendly interface The meeting agenda is only one click away from your calendar. It's easy to schedule new meetings, agenda templates will make it even faster and drag & drop functionality makes it super easy to add files to the agenda items. Mobility With the mobile app you get access to board meeting agenda with documents as well as your private notes directly from your mobile phone or tablet. Offline sync Meeting documents and notes can easily be synced offline to all your devices using secure mechanisms in the Office 365 platform. Work on meeting materials or notes on the go, and have them synced automatically when you are online again. Templates Decisions comes with ready made templates for Minutes of Meeting documents and notes. Templates can be customized to fit the individual organization's document templates and branding. Office 365 Group Support Decisions uses Office 365 Groups for storing the meeting documents in a secure manner. This means that your documents belongs to your business and they never leave your organization's IT-platform. Digital signature The Decisions Signature Module enables you to send documents for electronic signatures directly from the Decisions App in Microsoft Word. Recipients can digitally sign minutes of meeting or other documents from any device. Workflows Send documents for review or signing directly from Microsoft Word. The recipients will get email notifications with links to the documents. Outlook Decisions is tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook. You can perform all your tasks of inviting, setting up the agenda, and adding the meeting documents directly from Outlook.

Likewise you can access everything you need to prepare for a meeting directly from Outlook.
Agenda Collaboration Meeting participants can suggest agenda items interactively. The meeting administrator can accept or reject the suggested items. Tags Decisions supports tagging of agenda items and files. Clicking on a tag will quickly give you the overview of all related meetings and content. Private Notes Decisions TM uses Microsoft OneNote and sets up a private notebook for all your meeting notes. Notes are searchable with even handwriting being supported through OCR.
All devices
  • Security
  • One Archive
  • A user friendly interface
  • Mobility
  • Offline sync
  • Templates
  • Office 365 Group Support
  • Digital signature
  • Workflows
  • Outlook
  • Agenda Collaboration
  • Tags
  • Private Notes
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